NDC Index

When companies know industry norms, they can develop effective diversity and inclusion strategies.




In line with the mission and vision of the National Diversity Council, the NDC Index aims to drive the value of diversity and inclusion within companies at the regional, state, and national level. Ultimately, our goal is to advocate for diversity as a business imperative for companies across America and to help them increase opportunities for innovation and long-term sustainable growth.

To this end, the NDC Index project began with a desire to help NDC partner companies benchmark their diversity and inclusion organizational goals. As the Index developed, however, we realized that such a powerful and informative analytical tool could have a wider audience and a broader impact. Hence, we designed this survey to help professionals develop and strengthen their own organizational strategies based upon current industry norms and market relevancy.

I invite you to take the next step for your organization by registering for the NDC Index today.




Dennis Kennedy

Founder, National Diversity Council