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We are both a resource and an advocate for diversity and inclusion. NDC Index is a measurement of organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion among companies in the U.S.

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The submission process

The NDC Index is a measurement of organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion among companies in the U.S. The index rates companies on CEO engagement as well as corporate initiatives, policies, and programs in support of inclusion. The NDC Index recognizes companies with a score of 90 or higher as the Best Companies for Diversity in the U.S.

Information Sessions

Each year we host a series of free webinars to interested participants detailing the NDC Index purpose, scope, and reporting process. Webinars include a Q&A session.


Company representatives can register for the NDC Index via our website. Within a few days, we will send companies their unique-survey link to access the survey. Only one representative may register for each company. 

Data Entry

In the fall, company representatives can begin completing the survey. Our NDC Index team is available to answer any questions and help companies complete their submission. 


Company representatives automatically receive a link to download a copy of their responses and their company’s preliminary score. While all submissions are considered final, changes can be made through the unique survey link before the deadline.

Data Analysis

Our NDC Index team manually verifies that all preliminary scores are accurate and calculates scores for each assessment area. We also analyze company responses in relation to diversity best practices and display findings in easy to read infographics.


Our NDC Index team sends company representatives their free NDC Index Report by email by then of 2Q. This detailed 10-page publication displays the scored questions and a comparative analysis of each company’s performance in relation to participating companies.

Participating Companies

The NDC Index highlights the companies who have participated in the past. Click on the images to see the companies that have participated in the survey. 


The National Diversity Council (NDC) adheres to strict confidentiality guidelines regarding the information provided by your company. The contact information requested is used only internally and for research purposes. We will not publish, give, sell or transfer employee contact information submitted by your company. The NDC guarantees the confidentiality of demographic data submitted by your company. We do not disclose specific demographic data submitted in the Workforce Profile section unless the data are, at the time of submission, in the public domain or unless we have your company’s written consent. The NDC considers all information submitted by your company as accurate for rating purposes. All data provided by your company are stored on an Internet-based platform owned and operated by a global technology company and hosted behind multiple firewalls. This company does not enlist the services of any 3rd-party cloud solutions and does not outsource any support for its infrastructure.


For questions on scoring, reporting, and publishing of NDC Index results, please see our FAQ.


Please visit our FAQ.