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We are both a resource and an advocate for diversity and inclusion. NDC Index is a measurement of organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion among comapanies in the U.S.

Scoring  and Publication

Each company that participates in the NDC Index will be rated on an overall scale of 0 to 100 and be given scores on each of the five key areas scored. All participating companies receive a free scorecard and report, which details their performance breakdown in relation to all participating companies. Only submitted survey responses are scored. Incomplete survey responses are not scored or recorded.

For the 2021 NDC Index, scores will be published in the following way:

  • All participating companies that receive a score of 70 and above will have their name and scores published as part of our NDC Index online and in-print reporting.
  • All participating companies will have their name and logo on our website, www.ndcindex.org, and affiliated National Diversity Council websites.
  • They will also be listed in our NDC Index press release on their participating year.

Starting in 2022, all first-time participants of the NDC Index will have their scores published if they receive an overall score of 70 and above. All returning participants will have their overall scores published. 

Best U.s. Companies for Diversity

Companies that receive 90 points or higher on the NDC Index will receive the official seal for the NDC Index Best U.S. Companies for Diversity. Companies may promote their success widely and publish their logo on their website.

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