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Every year the NDC Index announces the companies that have participated in the survey. The NDC Index recognizes companies who receive a score of 90 points or higher as Best U.S. Companies for Diversity.

Announcing 2021

NDC Index Results

The National Diversity Council is pleased to announce the 38 companies that participated in the 2021 NDC Index and, among them, the first company to make the Best U.S. Companies for Diversity list.

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Announcing 2019 & 2020

NDC index results

The National Diversity Council is pleased to announce the 18 companies that participated in the 2019 and 2020 NDC Index. 

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“It was great to participate in the index to see how we benchmark with other organizations who have been doing this for several years.”

Javay Walton

Senior Manager, Diversity Equity & Inclusion | Corporate Recruiting, Vituity

“Compared to other surveys, it doesn’t take nearly as much time and all of the information is easy for us to obtain… There aren’t so many questions and the questions aren’t confusing. It’s really a breeze compared to the others.” 

Denisha Crumpler

Diversity/Work-Life Coordinator, Human Resources Horizon, Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

“The survey was pretty on par with the other ones. We have a similar process of what we do: we send out pieces to the different people who would have the answer for the specific thing, then compile it, review it, and submit it.”

Meg Hendricks

Senior Director, Head of Military and Veteran Affairs Corporate Citizenship, Fiserv

Explanation of Scores

Each company that participates in the NDC Index will be rated on an overall scale of 0 to 100 and be given a score on each of the five key areas scored. Companies that receive 90 or more points on the NDC Index make the Best U.S. Companies for Diversity list. All participating companies receive a complimentary NDC Index Report, which includes a scorecard and analysis detailing their performance breakdown in relation to all participating companies.

For the 2021 NDC Index, scores will be published in the following way:

  • All participating companies that receive a score of 70 and above will have their name and scores published as part of our NDC Index online and in-print reporting.
  • All participating companies will have their name and logo on our website, www.ndcindex.org, and affiliated National Diversity Council websites.
  • They will also be listed in our NDC Index press release in their participating year.

Starting in 2022, all first-time participants of the NDC Index will have their scores published if they receive an overall score of 70 and above. All returning participants will have their overall scores published.