NDC Index

When companies know industry norms, they can develop effective diversity and inclusion strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions


When is the deadline for submitting the answers to the 2019 NDC Index?
We have extended the deadline to December 31 2018.


What is the NDC Index?
The NDC Index is a measurement of organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion among companies in the U.S. The index rates companies on CEO engagement as well as corporate initiatives, policies, and programs in support of inclusion.

The NDC Index recognizes companies with a 100 score as the Best Companies in the U.S. for diversity and inclusion.


How is the NDC Index different from other diversity assessments?
The NDC Index is the only one of its kind. Unlike other indices and diversity assessments, the NDC Index measures the organizational inclusion of race, gender, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and Millennials, across local, regional, and national companies.


What areas of the NDC Index are scored?
While we provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your diversity and inclusion process, we only score specific questions under the following categories: CEO Engagement; Policies, Benefits, and Initiatives; Supplier Diversity; Community Outreach; Corporate Social Responsibility.


How will the final scores be published in the inaugural report and website?
In order to help companies move the needle in terms of their commitment and action to diversity and inclusion, we have determined to publish the scores in the following way:

The inaugural report will:

  • list the companies in terms that receive a score of 70-100.
  • show how each company performed per area assessed. For example, percentage of the total points for CEO Engagement each company received.
  • show how each company performed overall in comparison to all companies that participated
  • show how each company performed per area assessed in comparison to all companies that participated
  • only be made available for companies that participate in the 2019 NDC Index.

The NDC Index website will:

  • honor the companies that have obtained a score of 100 as Best Companies in the U.S.
  • list the companies that receive a score of 70-100 points.
  • publish the scores of all participating companies starting in 2020.

We will send each company their score before we publish it on the website.


What are the criteria to participate in the NDC Index?
To participate in the NDC Index, your company can be publicly or privately held, but must have a minimum of 500 employees. Fortune 1000 and multinational companies may participate, but they must have subsidiaries in the U.S.


Is there a cost associated with participating in the 2019 NDC Index, or any other NDC Index?
There is no cost associated with participating in the 2019 NDC Index or in any other NDC Index. There is also no cost associated with receiving a company scorecard with the overall results and the performance breakdown according to each of the six areas measured by the Index.


When will the results be announced?
2019 NDC Index results are scheduled to be announced in the first quarter of 2019.


Who should fill out the NDC Index?
Any organization (for profit, non-profit, governmental, etc.) with an employee population of at least 500 can participate. One person within the organization should be responsible for all data submitted. We suggest that this person should be someone who has access to employee data, and be familiar with diversity practices conducted at the organization over the last year.


Who within the organization do you recommend complete the survey?
We recommend only one person be in charge of completing the survey to minimize confusion from both of our ends. Preferably, this would be a representative from your human resources department or a diversity officer (if you have one).


What is the time commitment to complete the survey?
If you have all the data when you begin the survey, it should take approximately three hours to complete. Most respondents, however, complete it in multiple sessions. If you click “save” before exiting the survey, you will be able to return multiple times to complete it.


What if I have problems filling out the NDC Index?
Simply stop what you are doing and contact us. The survey allows for re-entry, with the ability to stop and re-engage as many times as desired. Final submission only occurs with the participant is ready.


What is the confidentiality agreement?
The goal of the NDC Index is to advance the value of diversity and inclusion practice within organizations. We hope that each company will use results productively to develop their diversity and inclusion strategy. As such, each company that participates in the 2019 NDC Index and that receives a score below 70 will have the option to share their results with other survey participants, publish widely, or opt from sharing and publishing their results.


Do I need to have specific operating software to fill out the survey?
The NDC Index is operated through a web-platform, As such, it is accessible online and does not require specific operating software.


How do you confirm the validity or legitimacy of the survey answers you receive?
Scores are determined based on the information organizations provide in response to the NDC Index questions. The NDC assumes no liability for the information provided and does not warrant the accuracy thereof.


Do we need to be a partner with the National Diversity Council to make the 2019 NDC Index Best Companies in the U.S. list?
You do not need to be a partner or donate to the National Diversity Council to make the NDC Index Best Companies in the U.S. list. In order to make the list, you must receive a score of 100 on the NDC Index. The NDC Index is administered and run through WorldApp, a world-class reputable and reliable online data-collection platform. All NDC Index processes are overseen by National Diversity Council staff, who have empirically and objectively designed a survey to be scored from 0 to 100. Scores are determined based on the information companies provide in response to the NDC Index questions.


I received a 100 score on the 2019 NDC Index, what now?
Congratulations! Your company will be featured in our 2019 NDC Index Best Companies for diversity and inclusion. You will also receive a copy with high-quality logo to publish on your website, because we want others to recognize your brand as a champion of diversity!


Are the results confidential if our company received a low score?
If you score less than 70 points, you have the option to publish your score through the NDC Index and National Diversity Council websites. If you score between 70-100, your company will be associated with your score on the NDC Index and associated NDC websites and publications.