The National Diversity Council (NDC) adheres to strict confidentiality guidelines regarding the information provided by your company. The contact information requested is used only internally and for research purposes. We will not publish, give, sell or transfer employee contact information submitted by your company. The NDC guarantees the confidentiality of demographic data submitted by your company. We do not disclose specific demographic data submitted in the Workforce Profile section unless the data are, at the time of submission, in the public domain or unless we have your company’s written consent. The NDC considers all information submitted by your company as accurate for rating purposes. All data provided by your company are stored on an Internet-based platform owned and operated by a global technology company and hosted behind multiple firewalls. This company does not enlist the services of any 3rd-party cloud solutions and does not outsource any support for its infrastructure.


For questions on scoring, reporting, and publishing of NDC Index results, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.