NDC Index

When companies know industry norms, they can develop effective diversity and inclusion strategies.

Registration for the 2021 NDC Index is now open.






The NDC Index is a measurement of organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion among companies in the United States.
The NDC Index rates companies on five key diversity and inclusion areas, including on CEO engagement and corporate initiatives, policies, and programs in support of inclusion.
All participating companies receive a complimentary report, which includes a scorecard and analytical breakdown of their performance in relation to diversity best practices.
The NDC Index recognizes companies that receive a score of 90 or higher as Best U.S. Companies for Diversity.


The NDC Index employs five assessment areas to determine to what extent diversity and inclusion best practices are employed across large companies. It scores companies overall and in each area, as well as compares these scores with participating companies.

  • CEO Engagement
  • Benefits, Policies, and Initiatives
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Community Outreach
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


To provide comprehensive benchmarking services, companies submit a workforce profile section. This section is not used in the assessment to rate companies on D&I initiatives.

Participation Criteria

To participate in the NDC Index, your company may be publicly or privately held and must have a minimum of 500 employees. Any Fortune 1000 company or multinational companies with subsidiaries in the U.S. may participate.

There are no fees associated with participation in the NDC Index.

To register click the link below:

Free NDC Index Report

All participating companies will be scored on a scale of 0 to 100 points. Each company will receive a free scorecard and report detailing the overall assessment results and the performance breakdown according to the key diversity and inclusion areas. The report will allow you to yearly benchmark your company’s diversity and inclusion progress and compare your performance with participating companies.